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These terms and conditions showcase the rules and regulations available for American Web Developers Website available at website, https://americanwebdevelopers.com/ for users. By visiting this Website, the company requested you to accept our terms and conditions. Please do not use our Website if you disagree with our terms and conditions available in this portfolio. Please read our terms and condition carefully before using or visiting any pages on American Web Developers Website. These terms and conditions are compiled to assist disputes, your rights during a court trial, and website restrictions. By visiting this Website, you imply your acknowledgment and consent to the terms and privacy of use. Please do not use this Website if you do not agree to our Terms of Use. Please visit our Terms of Use once in a while for changes.


We are American Web Developers who want all of our customers to read these terms, and conditions first before making the final choice of getting any project done, and getting it delivered to the users within the expected time. In case of any issue, you can directly report to us at our provided email address.

2. Log Files

We don't maintain any log files of the user’s activities, not any cache of customers’s online activities and time spent over the website. We are responsible to get the following information from the users; at the time of registration.

  • Name
  • Cellular Number
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  • Street Address
  • Email Address
  • Card Details

3. Intellectual Property Rights

All the information, and pictures used on the website are intellectual property of American Web Developers, and we don't allow any third party to use it for any personal, or corporate use.

4. Content Liability

We have our libraries of themes and content, which we used over the website. We don't allow our developers, or workers to use any file from third-party to avoid copyright infringement.

5. Reservation of Rights

We possess all the rights of the shared information, and pictures shared over our website. We possess all the legal rights to take strict action against them.

6. Contact Us

For any queries or questions regarding the products or website development, you can chat with us to get an instant response.